The Tales of Gravidy's Crossing

Adventuring Once Again!

Season 2, Episode 1

The winter had been long and hard, our heroes had spent most of the winter doing menial tasks for the farmers and shopkeepers. Hal had taught Timmy some moves with his “sword” (a stick). Grunnarch “helped” some farmer’s and Booth helped out at the mill. Jes had by far the most interesting winter – her father became ill and despite her best efforts, Jes had to see her father slip away from this world. However, his spirit lived on in a puppy that her father had begun training as a sheep dog. She would never be alone as long as her companion was with her.
With the PCs slightly rejigged (from Hal’s two power changes to Jes’s all-out class change). We gathered round the table and quickly fell into our characters as if we had been playing them yesterday.

We started in our house, making lunch. When there was a commotion outside. Timmy was telling that there was a monster that needed killing. Timmy’s voice sounded a bit more urgent than when he normally yelled about monsters so Hal went to investigate. It seems this time Timmy was telling the truth. There was a small monster with smooth green skin floating above Timmy, who was trying to hit it with his stick. The monster did not attack Timmy, and looked like it was trying to get past Timmy.

Hal told Timmy that he had the situation under control and the green thing came up to the door. It held out a scroll. By now Grunnarch and Jess had come to the door. I decided that Grunnarch would talk to the green thing.

“I try talking to it in one of the five languages Grunnarch knows”
Toby interjected. “Does this thing have a mouth?”
Shane: “No.”
Me: “Oh.”
Grunnarch may have an Intelligence score of 19, but I certainly don’t :)
Grunnarch took the scroll and read it.
“Due to recent mishaps, we need some items retrieved from the Vault of Sages.”
Grunnarch went and spoke to Pankas about this. He explained that [MISSING]

Grunnarch was insanely excited to start adventuring especially when it had to do magic. Booth, Hal and Jess decided that they didn’t have anything better to do so they would accompany Grunnarch on this journey.

They hired horses to travel faster. They would travel to Sundown, kip there and continue on their way.

As the group approached Sundown, the horses started getting jittery. We tied them p at the side of the road and ventured on. We came across a group of stones; they were arranged in a circle although one was missing. There also seemed to be one missing from the centre of the circle which was larger than the others. A quick investigation revealed no drag marks so we’re either dealing with something that can lift up 8 foot solid stone with no trouble or something else is going on.

The next stop was the tavern. Hal hadn’t had any beer since breakfast and was getting a bit annoying. As is the case with taverns we listened to tavern talk, asked about any goings on and Booth recited the entire chronicles of his adventuring life.

The major news in village was the sudden death of the local Wizard [NAME]. The funeral had been arranged for tomorrow morning and so Grunnarch decided that it might be nice to pay his respects to a fellow magic user.

The stones came up several times in conversation. Some people though they were people frozen by a basilisk.

The gang decided on sleep. However, early in the morning they were woken up by the sounds of people shouting outside. Booth peered out of the window and saw some villagers with burning torches (but no pitchforks). They seemed to be angry at a humanoid form that appeared that it might not be alive in the traditional sense. Booth and Jess rushed outside while Grunnarch and Hal put their armour on. Grunnarch only had cloth armour to put on while Hal needed to put on his full plate armour.

The gang plowed into the zombie dude with all they had and eventually stopped him from moving. Grunnarch went up to investigate the dead body only for him to reanimate and attack Grunnarch. Jess and her new partner were particularly effective at dealing with the thing.
Once it had stopped moving for certain, the tavern owner told the PCs that the hing was the Wizard. He had a ring on him, which Grunnarch asked if he could borrow. The gang decided that they needed to go and investigate the wizard’s house. So they did. They found a parcel box which Grunnarch had seen a couple of weeks ago as it had passed through Pankas’ shop. The parcel seemed to have contained the ring. Another quick look around uncovered a spell book and two rituals that belonged to [NAME] (these were Make Whole and Boom).

Upon leaving the wizard’s house the group came across the priest at the church who informed them that a boy had tried stealing [OBJECT]. [OBJECT] was needed for the festival that was taking place in 2 days. Interrogating the boy, he told the group that somebody near the woods had befriended the boy and persuaded him that it would be a great idea to steal [OBJECT].

We Be Goblins

Session 4

August Written by Pobman

So last night was the fourth (I think) session of the campaign and again we were fighting Goblins.

After the Goblins partially successful attack on the village (no children taken, but three families dead), we assured the village that we would wipe out the goblin threat once and for all. We went to the woods (and did NOT get a dog for some reason) and tracked them back to a wooden fort that was hidden in the woods.

In front of the wodden fence of the fort, was a ditch, which was not as deep as it had once been due to the amount of rubbish that had been thrown into it over the years. In front of the ditch were two watchtowers, both of them dead trees that had been modified so at about 25 feet was a platform for Goblins to stand on.

Grunnarch cast Sleep on one of the Goblins as Booth and the others (but mainly Booth) killed the other Goblin. We then killed the sleeping Goblin and used the watchtowers to peer into the fort. Two groups of Goblins and a single goblin by the door. Then we stood around debating for ages as to what to do next. We decided that Grunnarch would cast Ghost Sound and make the sound of a child singing. The single Goblin ran off to get his mates. When they ran back they avoided a particular area. A-ha! A trap we thought. A massive fight ensued in which Hal fell into the trap as it was bigger than we thoght it was. Grunnarch was set on fire by Booth who had found a magic bow and Jes was working overtime healing everyone (at some point every character was in negative hitpoints).

We eventually killed most of the Goblins but some escaped into a building inside the fort. Booth decided that he’d pretend to be a Goblin and him and Jes went up to the front door. They got hit by some lumber and Jes was buried under it. It took a few minutes before people decided to dig her out. The rough conversation between Booth and the Goblins behind the door was this: “Who be there” “Who do you think it is? We be the army” “Which army?” “Don’t be stupid, there’s only one army. We be the army that raided the village. We bring back the children” “What’s the password?”

At this point Toby tried thinking of a suitable password, but when he couldn’t think of anything he just said: “We be goblins. Let us in!”

Shane then had a rather odd look come over his face and said to all of us “the password was “We be goblins”“

They opened the door, a little bit of a fight happened and then the door was shut and locked. Hal then decided that doors are now evil monsters to be wiped out and started smashing it to pieces with his hammer. Once we were in, another fight took place, which Grunnarch was not involved with as he was still outside getting speared by some Goblins who must have seen the Olympics and were trying their hand at the Javelin event.

Inside, Jes conjured up her Guardian, Hal finally unleasehed the power of his magic hammer “KOOOOOOOOOOOORD!” and finally dispatched all of the Goblins bar two who ran away, one of which was killed by a spell from Grunnarch.

So all in all, all but one of the goblins from that hideout are dead. We found a small ruby and some gold, but most interesting was a book which appears to be from the monastary nearby.

We are now at 1,000XP which means we level up! I was umming and arring between three of the Utility powers:
  • Jump
  • Feather Fall
  • Shield But after talking to the rest of the group it looks like I will take Shield as everyone is fed up of protecting me!
Goblins Return

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h1. Session 3

August 1st Written by Pobman

So, the third session and by far the longest fight. Very cinematic in the way that it looked like we might lose a few members but pulled it back at the end. With Goblins popping up everywhere, taking advantage of our drunkeness (how rude of them!), the group splintered into separate fights. Great moments from last night included:

The shock on everyone’s faces, when Toby announced his character, Booth (who had just been blinded) was now on negative hit points.

Jon’s character, Kadian, jumping out of a window while a Goblin was holding onto the ledge and holding onto a little girl who my character, Grunnarch was also holding onto. He then tried hitting the Goblin’s legs with his sword, to no avail

The constant “I’m Bloodied”/”I’m no longer bloodied” from Jen’s character

Booth letting off two arrows that flew either side of Sarah’s character, Hal, and planted themselves in two Goblins.

Hal, after rescuing a young boy from two goblins, just dumping him under the shop veranda, so he could charge into a fight

After we chased the Goblins off, I was rewarded for my heroic efforts (I was actually the only person not to inflict any damage all evening) with a magic staff! The Staff of Storms. I can’t wait to try that bad boy out.

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A Song in the Woods

Sessions 1 and 2

All I can remember from the first two sessions is that the first session was the evening of when me and Sarah got back from a long weeekend hiking in Wales so we were knackered and as we were doing our characters (Grunnarch – my Human Wizard and Hal – Sarah’s Dwarven Fighter) by hand as this was back in the days when the Character Builder didn’t exist. There were probably some mistakes in our characters.

Sarah split a Wolf in half with her first ever D&D attack roll. I think she’ll be a fan for life now.

In the first or second session we came up against some Fire Beetles which Grunnarch hit with a fire spell and did no damage – my character’s reputation as the intelligent member of the party was in tatters.

I remember that Shane and Jen were very good hosts and Toby impressed me with his organisation and Jon impressed me by having power cards.

I bthink/i we started with the words: “You are in a tavern” [:D] and then Pankas [Grunnarch’s guardian] came in and told us that his niece, Dee, was due to arrive in Gravidy’s Crossing but was a couple of days late. As Pankas raised my character from a young age and had taught him the arcane magic he knew, I encouraged the rest [list] a young half-elf who didn’t need any encouragement to do something that he might think was heroic the son of ?? who lived in a mansion on the edge of town , the half-elf daughter of a farmer. She wanted to get out form under her father’s feet and explore the world Hal a Dwarf that had been kicked out of the sculpting school that was sited near Gravidy’s Crossing [/list] to come with me and investigate. We met the Wolves in the forest, where we saw a caravan that looked like it had been ambushed by Goblins.

At some point we raided a goblin emcampment of some sort. After the fight we picked through the site and found some gnawed bones in a campfire, along with a hammer, which Hal now uses.


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