The Tales of Gravidy's Crossing

Goblins Return

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h1. Session 3

August 1st Written by Pobman

So, the third session and by far the longest fight. Very cinematic in the way that it looked like we might lose a few members but pulled it back at the end. With Goblins popping up everywhere, taking advantage of our drunkeness (how rude of them!), the group splintered into separate fights. Great moments from last night included:

The shock on everyone’s faces, when Toby announced his character, Booth (who had just been blinded) was now on negative hit points.

Jon’s character, Kadian, jumping out of a window while a Goblin was holding onto the ledge and holding onto a little girl who my character, Grunnarch was also holding onto. He then tried hitting the Goblin’s legs with his sword, to no avail

The constant “I’m Bloodied”/”I’m no longer bloodied” from Jen’s character

Booth letting off two arrows that flew either side of Sarah’s character, Hal, and planted themselves in two Goblins.

Hal, after rescuing a young boy from two goblins, just dumping him under the shop veranda, so he could charge into a fight

After we chased the Goblins off, I was rewarded for my heroic efforts (I was actually the only person not to inflict any damage all evening) with a magic staff! The Staff of Storms. I can’t wait to try that bad boy out.

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