The Tales of Gravidy's Crossing

A Song in the Woods

Sessions 1 and 2

All I can remember from the first two sessions is that the first session was the evening of when me and Sarah got back from a long weeekend hiking in Wales so we were knackered and as we were doing our characters (Grunnarch – my Human Wizard and Hal – Sarah’s Dwarven Fighter) by hand as this was back in the days when the Character Builder didn’t exist. There were probably some mistakes in our characters.

Sarah split a Wolf in half with her first ever D&D attack roll. I think she’ll be a fan for life now.

In the first or second session we came up against some Fire Beetles which Grunnarch hit with a fire spell and did no damage – my character’s reputation as the intelligent member of the party was in tatters.

I remember that Shane and Jen were very good hosts and Toby impressed me with his organisation and Jon impressed me by having power cards.

I bthink/i we started with the words: “You are in a tavern” [:D] and then Pankas [Grunnarch’s guardian] came in and told us that his niece, Dee, was due to arrive in Gravidy’s Crossing but was a couple of days late. As Pankas raised my character from a young age and had taught him the arcane magic he knew, I encouraged the rest [list] a young half-elf who didn’t need any encouragement to do something that he might think was heroic the son of ?? who lived in a mansion on the edge of town , the half-elf daughter of a farmer. She wanted to get out form under her father’s feet and explore the world Hal a Dwarf that had been kicked out of the sculpting school that was sited near Gravidy’s Crossing [/list] to come with me and investigate. We met the Wolves in the forest, where we saw a caravan that looked like it had been ambushed by Goblins.

At some point we raided a goblin emcampment of some sort. After the fight we picked through the site and found some gnawed bones in a campfire, along with a hammer, which Hal now uses.



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