Grunnarch Wolfswift

"Evil shall hear my name and tremble... unless I'm hiding under a bed"

Spells: At-wills
  • Cantrips (Light, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Presdigitation)
  • Magic Missile
  • Thunderwave
  • Phantom Bolt
  • Icy Rays
  • Orbmaster’s Incendiary Detonation
  • Wizard’s Escape
  • Shield
  • Acid Arow
  • Sleep
  • Feezing Cloud
  • Visions of Avarice
  • Grunnarch’s Ghoulish Grasp
  • Fireball
  • Refocus
  • Feather Fall
  • Staff of Storms
  • Lamp of Discerning
  • Repulsion Amour
  • Shadowfell Gloves

Many tales of heroes start with their birth on a stormy night or on a day of cultural significance. Perhaps Grunnarch Wolfswift is not a hero, as he was born on a sunny afternoon much like any other in the village of Gravidy’s Crossing.

Born to Magdian Polander and Fruward Wolfswift, Grunnarch never knew his father as he didn’t stick around for long – or at least that is what Grunnarch assumes as no-one ever talked about Fruward.

Not wanting to see Magdian struggle to raise Grunnarch alone, Jonas and Maureen Carter took Grunnarch in and raised him.

Being the owners of the village shop, they taught Grunnarch to read and not just Common, but Dwarven and Elven as well. The large number of Dwarven and Elven customers that frequented the shop meant that this skill was not wasted.

As Grunnarch got older, the secrets surrounding his Father’s absence ate away at him. But before he got the chance to force an answer out of Jonas, the shopkeeper passed away. Grunnarch was 6.

A few months later, Pankas Carter turned up in Gravidy’s Crossing, claiming to be Jonas Carter’s cousin. He took over the shop and the job of raising Grunnarch.

Grunnarch and Pankas bonded quickly, Pankas enthusiastically extolling the principles of Ioun. How secrets and the control of knowledge only lead to disaster and that information should be free from the constraints of secrets. This was everything Grunnarch had longed to hear from someone.

As well as the ways of Ioun, Pankas taught Grunnarch how to control the arcane forces surrounding him. How to channel them to do his bidding. The feeling of control fascinated Grunnarch and he excelled in his studies.

Being the only young people in the village, Grunnarch became friends withe Miller’s Son, Booth, the squire’s Son, Kadian and Jescidia – a Half-Elf farmer’s daughter.

The four of them befriended a Dwarf named Hal, who was disillusioned with his studies at Eitri ’s school of sculpting. Hal eventually left the school when his friend Baldr disappeared.

After rescuing Pankas’ niece from a tribe of Goblins, the five friends realised they enjoyed adventuring together.

The Heroes of Gravidy’s Crossing – as they were to be known – were needed one night when the Goblins raided the village and attempted to kidnap the children of the village.

Pankas gave Grunnarch his Staff of Storms to help him out, but also symbolically to pass on the mantle of Arcane Shopkeep Adventurer.

Grunnarch Wolfswift

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