Gravidy's Crossing

Gravidy’s Crossing or Crossing as it is known by the locals is a small village far from the center of civilization, in an area once considered the frontier of the Commonwealth, the County of Mand in the Kingdom of Asheria.

It is bordered on the west by the Sturn River , which flows from the NW to the SE. To the north is the Howling Woods, and to the East and South stretch the rolling hills.

The village proper consists of 18 buildings. The largest of them is the temple dedicated to Pelor which also serves as a town hall for meetings and such. In the center of the village is a large stone platform with a smaller one on top that used to be a base for a statue. There are many stories of what the statue was of and why it was moved. Now adays the platform is used by the locals as a gathering place to drink the beer provided by the pub which is run by the brewer Cullin. A large bridge, once ornate but worn with time and the elements spans the river.

Farms dot the area around the village, along both banks of the river and provides the main industry for Crossing, though several fisherman ply their trade along the river. To the south there is a small quarry where Eitri, a famous dwarven stonecutter and sculpter lives. He trains many dwarven stonecutters and scuploters as well as supplying stone to the surrounding area. Nestled close to the forest is the wood cutter Saul, who supplies most of the wood for the village. He also raises dogs which he claims keeps the critters from the woods at bay.

Buildings within Gravidy’s Crossing

  1. The Church -Dedicated to Pelor
  2. The Pub – The Plinth and the Hounds run by Cullin. Serving Wench Magdian, mother to Grunnach
  3. Kadian’s family mansion – Gull, squireThe Mill – Booth’s family home
  4. Pankas Carter the Scribe’s General Store – Dee Carter’s Niece
  5. Reeve’s House – Len the Reeve
  6. Formly abandoned Home – Lair of the Goblin-slayers
  7. Abandon Home – Old Clearys place – Timmie Cleary
  8. Family Home -
  9. Family Home -
  10. Family Home -
  11. Family Home -
  12. Family Home -
  13. Family Home -
  14. Family Home -
  15. Smithy
  16. Family Home -
  17. Family Home -

Gravidy's Crossing

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