Grunnarch the Mage

The long walk back to Gravidy’s Crossing gave Grunnarch time to think about magic, his prowess with it and what the past few months had taught him about using magic for real.

Almost killing Hal was definitely the low point. But impeding Booth with his ice spell was also troubling. He would need to rectify that if he was to be useful to the others.

After arriving back in the village, Grunnarch washed and changed his clothes before seeking out his arcane mentor, Pankas. Pankas was in his shop, sweeping the floor.

“Grunnarch! How are you?”
“Fine, master.”
As Pankas went behind his desk, he replied:
“Come now Grunnarch, no need to call me master any more – you are out and about adventuring. Your studies from me are over. "
Pankas paused and smiled at Grunnarch. He then pulled a large book out of his drawer.
“…Or are they? Have a look at this.”
Grunnarch took the book from Pankas. The book was obviously relatively new and was titled Wizards of the Fallen Lands
“Another spellbook?”
“Oh no, son. Up until now you have only had spellbooks to learn from. You’ve managed to create your own variations of spells, but they are essentially the spells that I have shown you in my spellbooks. This is different. This is a book about the theory of magic. Explaining different schools of magic. Yes, schools. We had discussed schools before, but I hadn’t relaised how many there were.”

Over the next several days, Grunnarch pored over the book. He thought he had a pretty good grip on the theory of magic, but the book was breathtaking. He realised in trying to master everything, he was hampering his abilities. Focussing on two schools of magic while dabbling in all the others would probably be the way to go. Of the three schools of magic of interest (Evocation, Enchantment and Illusion), Grunnarch decided to ignore the illusion school as Tanin was an illusionist and Grunnarch didn’t wanted to be different.

The spell that Grunnarch had in his repertoire that he was most worried about was Thunderwave. He wanted a a spell of finesse but at the moment it was a blunt instrument. The book inspired the answer. Rather than push people with force, get inside their minds and make them walk away. This would be less hurtful (something Grunnarch wasn’t too bothered about), but would achieve what he wanted.

Grunnarch looked at the Icy Rays spell that Pankas had taught him all of those years ago. He came up with a new variation which was less effective, but as it consumed less of his arcane reserves, could be cast more often. He renamed this Chilling Cloud as it bore little resemblance to the Icy Rays spell that Pankas had taught him all of those years ago.

The enchantment school entry talked about controlling people for a brief amount of time. Just long enough to make them attack someone close by. Grunnarch thought that sounded perfect. The spell was obviously powerful as according to the book, it had caused a civil war that lasted three centuries!

Finally, Grunnarch thought about Scorching Burst. After using it against a Fire Beetle and it not working, Grunnarch had pushed it to the back of his mind so far away in fact he had had trouble bringing it back to the forefront of his mind so he could use it again. But as it was a spell from the Evocation school, it would be be useful once again.

After the fourth day of reading and re-reading, plus some experimentation, Grunnarch was finally ready. He sought out the others.

“Booth! Hal! Jess!

“What is it boy?” Responded Hal in his gruff voice.

“I have been experimenting with my spell repetoire. I’ve made some changes to the spells and how I cast them.”
“Brilliant. More fire in the fireball?” Asked Booth
“Nope. I have reduced the effectiveness of some spells, changed the way some stuff works etc.”
“You can kill more monsters, right?” Asked Hal
“Probably not. The spells are reduced in hurting things, but will hopefully help you guys hurt them more.”

The others remained to be convinced.

Stats remain the same (he wouldn’t be Grunnarch otherwise)

Thunderwave → Beguiling Strands
Phantom Bolt (pretty sure it has never been used) → Scorching Burst
Icy Rays → Charm of Misplaced Wrath

Mages don’t have implement features, so Staff of Defense (never been used) disappears.
Mages get Magic Missile automatically. As already have Magic Missile taken Chilling Cloud in addition.

All Utilities are the same

Lost Ritual Caster as mages don’t automatically get it like Wizards. As it is essential to character, I dropped Burning Blizzard. Replaced Raging Storm with Clever Controller.

Grunnarch the Mage

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