List of NPCs

Folk of Gravidy’s Crossing

Gull Kadian’s Father’s squire

Guthrie Prelate of Pelor Staunch defender of the community, Guthrie is well respected by the villagers and often lends an ear to their problems. Guthrie did some travelling for the church while an acolyte before coming home and taking over his current position. Guthrie is secretly nicknamed ‘thunderboots’ by the purposeful way he strides from the church doors in times of crisis.

Nimus Acolyte of Pelor Nimus runs all Guthries errands around the village and is very loyal to him. A pale, nervous young man, he is mistrusted by some locals which might have something to do with a rumour about him, some think he committed some transgression before moving to Gravidys Crossing. Due to some mishaps with a goblin, Nimus is none to happy with Booth and his friends.

Fruward Wolfswift Father of Grunnarch Wolfswift No longer lives in the village. Grunnarch only knows his father’s name as people seem reluctant to tell him anything more. Grunnarch has grown to hate secrets because of this.

Magdian Polander Mother of Grunnarch

Jonas Carter Original owner of the general store [Deceased]

Maureen Carter Jonas’ widow, took Grunnarch in as a child

Pankas Carter Owner of the general store Pankas came to Gravidy’s Crossing when he heard of the death of his cousin Jonas. He arrived to take over the store. At first the townsfolk were not sure of this stranger coming from the ‘big city’, but Pankas quickly intergrated into the community by taking care of Maureen Carter, the widow of Jonas. Pankas is a trained Wizard and still has some odds and ends from when he travelled a bit more in the world. He helped raise young Grunnach and trained him in the Arcane arts, along with the skills required for running a business.

Eitri – Dwarven stonesmith and sculpter

Baldr – Hal’s friend who is currently missing

Nemie – Foster sister to Booth

Randel – Miller, Foster father to Booth

Warley – Old farmer who lives just outside of town Roe – Fisherman Len – Reeve of Gravidy’s Crossing Saul – Wood Cutter

Dee Carter Pankas’ niece Young Dee has recently arrived in Gravidy’s Crossing. Her father is Wilfred Carter, a sea captain, brother to Pankas sent her to live with Pankas and Maureen when Dee’s mother passed away. He could not raise her on his own with his life at sea. Her arrival in Gravidy’s Crossing was delayed when her beautiful voice and singing talents attracted the attention of the goblins of the Howling Woods. It took the efforts of some local heroes to save her and bring her safely to Crossing.

Timmie Cleary Orphan (6 Years Old) During the Goblin raid on the village, the Goblins attempted to abduct Timmie. His parents died in a vain attempt at stopping the Goblins. Hal rescued him and shoved him under the veranda under Pankas’ store to keep him safe while he exacted revenge on the green skinned monsters. Timmie worships Booth and loves hearing all of Booth’s stories

Folks of other villages and areas surrounding Gravidy’s Crossing

Argo Travelling Halfling Argo is a travelling salesman, tinker, storyteller, and general busybody. He travels between the various villages in the area surrounding Gravidy’s Crossing but does not go to the Crossing. It is said that he had a falling out with the Carters and avoids the area because of that. If anyone knows what is happening around the area, it is Argo.

Jonas Farmer in Hillsedge A local farmer who has left the Heroes of Crossing stay in his barn on several occasions.

Ruhk Priest of Ioun [Deceased] Ruhk was a priest of Ioun who was leading the dig at the site of the Abbey of the Eye. He was slain by preists of Vecna and raised as a zombie. The Heroes of Crossing put an end to his cursed undead status.

Sanford – Merchant from Portsmouth

Walton – Barkeep from Barrenhill

Jacob – Captain of a mercenary company from Portsmouth

List of NPCs

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