Session 15

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As the last session ended mid-fight, the first few minutes of this session were spent working out from photos taken, exactly where the Heroes and Villains were located and what each coloured marker represented. And also an argument about chocolate. Specifically, whether mint chocolate or orange chocolate was superior. The men voted for mint and the women voted for orange. I think that area is ripe for a bit of research.

Anyway, the group looked in bad shape, with Grunnarch the only one on full hit points and not having spent a healing surge (this was no surprise to anyone else). With most powers used up and five Kruthiks still eager to end the dreams of reaching level 5. The monster went first and hit Hal and Grunnarch with spikes. Grunnarch was quite annoyed that he’d finally been hit, but that wasn’t the last of the damage he’d be dealt in this fight.

Grunnarch Thunderwaved one of the medium guys right next to Booth, Fortunately the fact that he was smashed to pieces against the wall that Booth was standing next to meant he was no longer a threat. This is the second time that Grunnarch has used Thunderwave to potential devastating effect on his own allies (see Session 7).

After a couple more rounds of fighting, Booth had killed the two minions. So there were two monsters left, a non-minion hatchling and the adult. Grunnarch killed the other non-minion hatchling. Hal was reduced to negative hit points, but Jess rescued him with her last healing prayer. A couple of rounds later and Jess was on negative hit points. The four healing potions the group had were all being carried by Hal…unfortunately the other three were all on the other side of the room from him. Hal risked an opportunity atttack to give a healing potion to Booth who drunk it himself rather than giving to Jess, although to be fair this was the sensible course of action.

With retreat in everyone’s minds, Hal gave the Adult Kruthik one last bash over the head. What a time to score a critical hit! 25 points and one dead adult Kruthik later and all thoughts of retreat had gone (mainly because there was nothing more to retreat from).

Jess examined the skeleton that had fallen out of the wall (which wasn’t mentioned in the last session report) and saw that he was dressed in clothes that were fashionable just before the Commonwealth fell. A parchment found in the pocket indicated that the guy should meet Chadrantha at the _ wayhouse. Unfortunately, the name of the wayhouse had crumbled away when Jess had unfolded it. Grunnarch knew a little about Chadrantha. He has been an apprentice to the Wizard Valdyr. When Valdyr went North to sort out the Barbarians that were threatening there, Charantha stole his master’s magic items and fled. He was soon captured but managed to escape. His whereabouts and his treasure lost in the haze of the years that have passed.

After the battle, Grunnarch decided that his two kills had earned him the right to be promoted form Grunnarch the Brave to Grunnarch the Mighty. The owner of the tavern rewarded our heroes with a satchel that contained an Instant Campsite. Just unfold it and a campfire and three tents popped out of it. This pleased Grunnarch as he wouldn’t get his onesy dirty if they had to camp outside.

Booth wanted to go and find the treasure straight away, while Grunnarch and Jess wanted to return to Gravidy’s Crossing to give the box that Walton had given him in exchange for the ritual book. Toby agonised over the decision of whether Booth should join his allies in returing to the crossing or going out in search of the treasure by himself. While he was umming and erring, Jess called Booth a nob, which is a hilarious thing to hear from someone as mild mannered as Jess (and because of Jen’s Canadian accent). The thing that swung it for Toby was that little Timmy would want to hear Booth’s stories and that Booth had a trophy for him (a Kruthik leg).

Returning to the village, the senior members of the village were gathered round having a stern conversation, but they weren’t in the tavern where they usually were. This meant seious business. Grunnarch and the others strode up to Pankas and handed his reward back. They asked what was going on. It turns out that the soldiers that had passed through the other week had been back and “asking” for payment to protect the village from “bad things”. Half of the village members wanted to pay them, but the other half said that they had never needed protection before even in the days of the commonwealth and they wouldn’t need protection now. A couple of the younger people pointed out that they had “those four” (pointing to us, woohoo!) as protection.

While Grunnarch and Jess listened in, Booth felt something grab hold of his leg. It was Timmy, the 6 year old boy Booth had saved from the Goblins (here) and who idolised Booth. Booth told him his latest story about the insects. Turning his attnetion back to the crowd, Booth suddenly heard a splat. Timmy had found some insects and was stamping on them just like his hero Booth had done. Hal, angling for responsible adult of the year, lent Timmy his Hammer to kill the bugs with. Timmy managed to lift it up, but fell over with the sheer weight.

After the crowd had dispersed, Jess went to see her Dad, who again moaned about her adventuring and suggested she should get married. Still no word from her Mum. Grunnarch went to see Pankas and told him about Chadrantha. Pankas was amazed that he was still here if he had a lead on the legendary treasure.

After a bit of tinkering (see Interlude below), the heroes set off the following morning and made their way to the wayhouses. Each wayhouse was a day’s travel from the previous one and there were ten of them in all. They stopped at each one to see if there was anything out of the ordinary. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until they got to the third wayhouse. As they were settling down fo the night, Grunnarch told them the tale of Black Frost.

Grunnarch was laying on the bench closest to the fire, with Hal on a chair. The room started shimmering and spinning. Hal, recognising symptoms called out to Jess “Am I drunk?”. Unfortunately he was not as the nausea was arcane in origin. Once the nasuea had passed the group realised they had shrunk! The small fire that Grunnarch had been lying next to was now a raging inferno that he couldn’t stand by so he walked to the other end of the bench. He could see Hal standing on the chair about 8 foot high, but that was about it. What a place to leave the adventure for about 8 weeks!

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Session 15

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