Session 16

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A little fun

The reactions to the shrinking were diverse to say the least. Grunnarch (my Human Wizard), for once, was not scared, but was fascinated by the magic and quickly whipped out his books to see what he could find about the spell.

Hal (Sarah’s Dwarven Fighter) was annoyed, very annoyed. He realised that as he was an inch high, that their must be a swimming pool sized mug of beer waiting for him on the table, which he couldn’t get to. Jess (Jen’s Half-elf Cleric), never one for indoors, was freaking out and was cursing herself for not sleeping outside. Never fear, though, because Booth (Toby’s Half-elf Ranger) went into hero mode and was determined to rescue her and everyone else.

The action cut to a cell, in the rafters of the wayhouse. And there inside, was Kadian (Jon’s Human Paladin)! Evidently he had come to the wayhouse 4 days before and was also shrunk and captured by Kobolds living in the rafters. He was sharing his cell with a female Illusionist named Tannin (NPC).

So, the scene was set. All shrunk, Grunnarch and Hal on separate chairs which, in our eyes are 300 feet apart. Jess and Booth are on benches that are a lot closer to each other.

I decided to see if any of my rituals would help, so I dived straight into the PHB and began re-reading all the descriptions of my rituals (it’s been a while). I noticed that the table had suddenly gone quiet so I looked up. Only to find Grunnarch surrounded by Kobolds! How’s that for accidental roleplaying!

The Kobolds, who had dropped from the ceiling on ropes being held at the top by the female kobolds, also surrounded Booth, Hal and Jess. Fighting ensued:
  • Hal missed his first attack, swinging his hammer high over the Kobolds head.
  • Due to Grunnarch’s absorption in his books, the Koboolds got first attack. One of them grabbed Grunnarch, while the rest got into melee range. Grunnarch, being the master of magic he is, managed to cast Thunderwave while grabbed, flinging half of the Kobolds away (some of them over the “ledge” of the chair. Using an action point, he cast one of his new spells, that he had mastered during the break. Orbmaster’s Incendiary Detonation, flames rose up out of the chair surface and killed some Kobolds.
  • Jess decided regrouping with Booth would be the best move, so she swung across to the bench Booth was on. The kobolds she left behind started tossing javelins at her.* Booth started taking the Kobolds out, one by one.
  • Taking advantage of the absence of most of the Kobolds, Kadian burst through his cell door, managing to escape. He got a little way before realising Tannin hadn’t come with him. He encouraged her to join him.
  • Annoyed that Grunnarch had killed more Kobolds than him already, Hal managed to kill FOUR Kobolds in one turn (Cleave – Action Point – Cleave).
  • Grunnarch, keen to test his new spells (and I was keen to show off something I had painted), conjured a treasure chest filled with lovely treasure that the Kobolds would surely want. Some of the Kobolds forgot about attacking Grunnarch and went towards the treasure. The one who had Grunanrch in a grab deicded that he could have both and dragged Grunnarch over to the treasure chest.
  • Jess was having a little success in killing Kobolds, but mainly kept Booth alive, so he could do the killing.
  • Kadian and Tannin crept along the rafter slowly. Kadian didn’t have any waeapons but found a sacrifical dagger. He really wasn’t pleased with the prosopect of having to use it, but there was nothing else.
  • Hal killed a minion by using a daily power…just because he could.
  • Grunnarch managed to escape the grapple and while the Kobolds were distracted byt the treasure, he attempted to Thunderwave them to their death. However, as he was aiming lower than usual, he mucked it up and instead of blowing the Kobolds away, he lifted himself off of the ground and fell prone. He got up and looked around making sure no-one had seen it. A deep dwarven voice boomed through the air “I saw that, boy” then laughed loud and long.
  • The Kobolds, sensing that they had met their match, decided to climb back up to the rafters. Unfortunately for those ones that were messing with Grunnarch, he wasn’t in the mood to let them go. No-one interrupts his magical study time. Using Thunderwave again, he finally pushed the last of them off of the chair. Out of the four of us, I cleared my enemies first. I trust this will earn the respect of my colleagues and I will no longer be the butt of wimp-related jokes. Being bored while awaiting resuce, Grunnarch kept up the illusion of the treasure so he would have something to look at, The treasure was so pretty, Grunnarch actually started moving towards it himself.
  • Kadian got to the ropes and started climbing down. Tannin, conjured up an illusion of fire so that the Kobolds wouldn’t cut the rope while they were climbing down. Kobolds started climbing up the ropes and away from Hal, Jess and Booth.

Fight over.

Kadian, Jess, Booth and Tannin climbed dwon from the bench they were on and deicded to go and see where Grunnarch and Hal were. Coming to Grunnarch’s chair first, they saw him at the edge of the chair. “When are you guys going to resuce you me?”

They decided that Kadian should climb up and help him get down. Getting about 30 feet up (relative to us) he fell off and didn’t hurt himself much – hardly at all in fact – odd. As Grunnarch was only 100 foot up, they asked him to jump off. He refused. Kadian asked Tannin wether she knew any spells about creating a soft landing. Tannin paused for a moment and then shouted up to Grunnarch. “Do you Know the Feather Landing spell?” “I haven’t memorised it but it’s in my spellbook” Tannin whispered to the others “what is he talking about, I just made that up” She turned back to Grunnarch and shouted: “Feather LANDING” “Oh, no” Tannin took a feather from Booth and appeared to multiply the number of feathers until there was a big block of feathers. Grunnarch watched this, fascinated. Grunnarch jumped off of the chair and went straight through the feathers as if they weren’t there. Of course they weren’t – it was merely an illusion. Grunnarch was not happy. This woman had caused him pain (albeit not much) and she was clearly better at illusion spells than he was as he became the victim of his own illusion.

Moving onto Hal’s chair, Booth urged him to jump down “Bollocks to that, boy!” was the emphatic response.

Jess pointed out that Grunnarch had done it. Hal quickly jumped off, to show he wasn’t scared like his wimpy friend.

Everyone was happy to see Kadian back, but decided to wait until they were out of this mess, before asking him what he had been up to for the past couple of months, The party camped in the corner, Jess taking first watch. All of a sudden she saw a rat. The rat had not been shrunk down and was heading towards the camp.

Session end.

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Session 16

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