Session 17

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There’s a rat eating my arm, what am I gonna do?

We ended the last session with Jess (Jen’s Half-elf Cleric of Melora) staring down a rat, while the rest of the group were sleeping.

Before she had a chance of waking us, another rat appeared. Jess nudged the nearest person to her in an attempt to get them to wake. This happened to be Booth (Toby’s Half-elf Ranger) which – depending on your point of view – was either fortunate or unfortunate. Booth jumped up and not stopping to pick up his weapon, he jumped on the nearest rat and started punching it in the nose. Jess continued to wake people up and shot out Sacred Flames and also conjured up a Great Spear adorned with the symbols of Melora that provided combat advantage over one of the rats.

Unlike Booth, Hal (Sarah’s Dwarven Fighter) sleeps with his hammer so had no problem with hitting things, unfortunately he doesn’t wear his plate mail while he sleeps so was vulnerable to the rat attacks. As mentioned before Grunnarch (My Human Wizard) sleeps in a onesie (but as it’s magical it’s a plus-onesie! ba-dm-tsh) and as his staff was lying next to him he picked this up and started blasting the rats. So, we had a Human Paladin in a tunic and pants with a scimitar, a pant-adorned hammer-wielding Dwarf [note from Sarah “Pah – Hal doesn’t wear pants – you can kiss his furry ginger behind!”]. A half-elf grabbing onto a rat and punching it, and a Onesie-wearing-Wizard attacking the rats. Jess was the only one who looked normal.

No wonder the NPC crawled into the corner with a perplexed look on her face.

Once the rats were hit a few times, they ran off and jumped down a knothole. While everyone was sorting out their stuff and realising they had been DISEASED, Booth ran off and jumped down the knothole. Grunnarch mentioned to Hal about Booth not being left alone, so Hal threw on his armour in a rather haphazard fashion and chased after Booth. Jess and Kadian (Jon’s Human Paladin of Pelor) decided to follow.

Grunnarch decided to stay as the campfire needed protecting. Tannin (the NPC Illusionist) stared in astonishment at the group leaving and said to Grunnarch: “You guys are fucking nuts!”

The fight with the rats under the floorboards was fairly quick, I imagine this was because they didn’t have Grunnarch to worry about. Booth managed to do a single attack to a rat in front of him AND a rat behind him simultaneously. He very cleverly shot the arrows up in the air, rebounding them off of the “ceiling” (the underside of the floorboards) and burying them into the backs of the rats. Kadian got his first kill since rejoining the group and Jess also managed to kill one. A good score for the divine pair.

While the fight was raging under the floor boards, Grunnarch continued to try and impress Tannin. He cast Ghost Sound to make it sound like Booth was shouting out “I wish Grunnarch was here to help us.”

Tannin didn’t look impressed.

After killing the rats, Jess said a prayer over their bodies, while Booth looked for loot. There were the remains of other people in the rat’s nest. One humanoid remains had a helmet with the sunburst symbol of Pelor and a flail with the ends of the flail as sunbursts. Wrapped around the handle of the flail was a Cure Disease ritual as well as a Speak to Dead ritual and another one I can’t remember the name of.

The rat-destroyers returned to the Wizards, only to find Grunnarch telling Tannin about the many wonderful things he had done. Tannin was nodding like Churhcill the Dog. Jess and Kadian managed to see through her illusion to notice she was asleep. The rest of the party decided that was a good idea. The party then decided to see how they could:

  • Get big again
  • Get Kadian’s stuff back
  • Rescue Ash who is/was Tannin’s friend

An attempt for Hal to climb all the way up to the rafters was ended when he kept falling off. After he fell off I mentioned that I had memorised Feather Fall as today’s 2nd level Utility spell.

We now have to decide what to do next.

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Session 17

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